• A wobbly (but [unfallydowny]) toy from back in the day. (Actually, it originated in the [70s], which is well before MY [back in the day], but I can pretend to be cool and know what Im talking about.) (And anyway, [Playskool] still makes incarnarnations of the darn things.)
    While I never had Hasbros [brand name] Weebles, I did play with a DIY version my uncle made for me. It involved a purple plastic easter egg (you know, the kind you get three jelly beans in) with a penny taped inside the bottom half and a rather frightening face drawn on in [Sharpie]. Basically, like the actual Weeble, you could bat it around and it would always right itself. It wasnt that far off from the real thing, either.
    Being a somewhat [belligerent] child, I took the slogan as a personal affront, and spent many hours (well, at least twenty minutes] trying to devise ways to MAKE THE DARN THING STAY TIPPED OVER. Gluing it to the table might have worked, but I was caught before the [elmers] had set. [Would that I were] still so carefree!
    Admittedly not a hugely challenging idea for a toy, but hey.

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  • Friend; homie, one you are aqquainted with

  • Weeble

  • A person who is too fucking drunk to stand up but yet unimaginably manages to stay on their feet unassisted. From Weebles Wobble But They Dont Fall Down.

  • Weeble

  • Definition (A.)

    (A.1) A person who is weak or feeble, not limited to physical attributes but mental as well.

    (A.2) Some one who fumbles simple tasks.

    (A.3) An individual of [pinner] qualities; broke, [haters] etc.

    Definition (B.)

    (B.1) A term of endearment amongst [niggas].

    See: Film Three Strikes feat. [E-40]

  • Weeble

  • a fantasy prone adult of either sex with a penchant for drama, role playing, fantasy literature and occultism who, much to the amusement of onlookers, combines all of the above into a delusional world-view in which he or she plays a starring role.
    The origins of the word weeble are obscure, but most likely have something to do with the similarity in body shape between these people and the childrens toy of the same name.

  • Weeble

  • -noun

    1. An term of endearment for someone who is struggling emotionally, but still functional. May be used self-referentially.


    1. To express concern or emotional distress about something, often over which one has no real control. Somewhere in-between whining and venting.

    Origin: Weebles wobble, but they dont fall down, a slogan for an old Hasbro toy.


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