• Hes either an evil good guy doll or that lame kid from rugrats.

  • The evil little doll in those Chucky movies. see [Lars Ulrich]

  • Somebody that stabs you in the back. Referring to the Chucky movies.

  • A creature who is often misunderstood. A Chucky is often driven wild or nuts by the presence of a cowboys butt. A Chucky is usually kinda fat and plays call of duty. You can fing a Chucky hanging out at a rodeo or the wrangler store. To attract a Chucky you must have tight wranglers and chaps, it will also be benificial to have boots with spurs and a cowboy hat. Once you have attrackted a Chucky it would be wise to take it to a hoedown or even stay home and eat pudding while watching old western movies such as the wild bunch, high noon, and stagecoach.

  • A woman whose gut protrudes further then her breasts. A general body stature resembling the famed horror film doll with the same name.

  • Nickname given to former NFL head coach and current NFL analyst, Jon Gruden, for his similar looks to the doll in the Movie Childs Play.

    1. one who is of ginger Complexion (aka red barrons, firecrotcH, gingErs)

    2. the eviL little doll from [childS play]


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