• cheap quality
    or just something rubbish.

  • A person who is very instinctive about comparing prices for the lowest one.

  • see [tightwad].

  • An adjective to describe someone who is obsessed with chasing discounts or low-value items. Someone who displays a strong preference for inexpensive and reduced priced things.
    Someone who shows an extremely exploitative nature, verging on un-classy bossiness and covetousness over cheap and small things.

    It also describes someone who is despicable, distasteful, unscrupulous, immoral, shabby, low-minded, discreditable, vulgar, sordid, pathetic, lazy, low-class, mean, direty and scurvy.

  • A rip-off of a well-known company with a change in the name or logo that still refers to the original product.


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