• Northern Virginia. A term issued to the several counties surrounding Washington DC by other regions in Virginia. Rich-yuppy-suburban-capital of the world.

  • Vauxhall Nova (or Opel Corsa on the continent) - Early 90s budget car normally adorned with £23,000 worth of ill fitting bodykit and [ICE] (See [system]). Preferred 13th hand motor of the [chav].

  • Acronym for Northern Virginia Community College. Where the N stands for Nowledge

  • What most people in Virginia call the Northern Virginia Community College.

  • A really hot girl. Someone who makes you explode inside when you see her.

  • Noun (astrophysics terminology): the catastrophic self-destruction of a main sequence stellar body via a runaway nuclear fusion reaction caused by the accretion of hydrogen atoms over time, surpassing the stars ability to burn off the accreted hydrogen prior to the initiation of the reaction.

  • NOVA is a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades to its original intensity.

    Look in the sky sometime, dumbass.

  • slang term for the Northern area in Virginia; the best place to grow up in the suburbs. Also a name of a Community College in the area, usually occupied of all the deadbeats who couldnt make it or are just transferring after a few years to a real life college. Most Northern Virginians are a big deal.


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