• primarily nickname for regina or reginald, but can be given name. regie is a strong minded, stubbornly passionate individual who is loyal to a fault. Regie is a born leader, who captivates with his/her intellect, sense of humor, and kindness. Regie is a good friend to have as he/she is incredibly dependable.

  • v. the act of smoking some good herb every day.

    n. when something is really cool and or good

    the term started as daily regiment commonly used between bros , but due to laziness it can also be called rei, regitary and usually elongated in speech ex. reeiiiiiiiii or reggiieee. this term can also be shouted randomly throughout the day at random people.

  • a straw that is chew up at one end, bent down to form the head, and flicked to annoy others; also dances to techno music


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