• an amazing guy.
    a danny can be defined by 5 words;
    funny, cute, unique, impressive,

  • An extremely well endowed man who secretly everyone fancies, they are just afraid he will turn them down as he is so handsome. He is also kind and has a great personality.

  • The P|20z0n3.
    Simply Perfect

  • The most amazing person/boyfriend a girl could EVER ask for.
    Youd be very lucky to ever get a danny, especially a haar. 🙂
    It isnt possible to get a better person.

  • A smart guy who has the IQ above 130. He receives As in school but is not a nerd. He is simply perfect and very endowed

  • The act of being a jerk and messing with girls feelings. And also acting man-whore-ish.

  • Danny is the best person you will ever meet. He will teach you so much like loving others unconditionally and never holding a grudge on someone. Be glad if you know a Danny and try hard to keep him in your life because you will regret ever letting him go. Danny has a tendency to be shy but yet when your alone with him he will make you smile so hard that you will look like the joker. Danny is one of the most amazing people on earth.

  • The sweetest boy youll ever meet. A loyal best friend- hell never give up on you, and hell be there for you through it all. Hell make you smile when youre upset and hell always listen if you need to talk. Hell give you the best hugs. If you meet one of these, make sure to hold him close because youve found a treasure.

  • A code word for alcohol.


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