• The most awesome person you know. Not a band, but a very striking individual. Usually good in bed.

  • A beautiful sweet and intelligent girl. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Just dont try to run her over because once you do its over. She is very confident. Has a wonderful smile and the most amazing laugh. She will surely brighten up your day. Although she may get sad sometimes she always looks toward the future. The bigger picture. She is amazing.

  • A very special woman who can make reality better than dreams, and make you feel alive again.

  • mae is a costarrican word for dud, man or yo

  • Most beautiful girl to ever exist. Fun, Happy, and Easy going. very easy to get along with. Funny, a good kisser. BIG BOOBS

  • In Costa Rica, used informally as a term of address or to refer to a person regardless of sex.

  • Maes are outgoing and always being cheerful and happy. They make the best friends and keep them. Maes are also friendly and charismatic. They are friendly and smiling. Also a bit insecure but dont show it. Maes are really pretty and flirt without you knowing it. They dont care what other peoples opinions about them. They are loyal and honest. Sometimes they are a bit clutzy and are hilarious. Great sense of humor. Also usually athletes. Very good ones.

  • The greatest band to ever rock the earth. Hailing from Virginia.

  • A band with 5 members, emoish and kick ass.

  • Multisensory Aesthetic Experice, A band from Virginia with 5 members. They are emo-ish and very talented.


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