• To remove the wings from a bat causing it to transform into an actual mouse. Once debated a bat turned mouse (aka bat-born mouse) cannot be rebated, as sufficient technology does not yet exist to perform this complex biologic process. However, a native mouse (mouse-born mouse) may be bated in the right laboratory setting. Under stringent lab conditions found in only several labs in the world (most notably Lucerne, Switzerland) a mouse can be fitted with genetically engineered wings grown from tissue culture using advanced cloning technology. Fitting a mouse with these wings (bating) causes the mouse to become a bat.

    A notable distinction in the process of debating occurs if a bat that is debated was in fact a vampire. Under these conditions, a vampire bat that is debated becomes a human being. A human being fitted with wings, on the other hand, does not become a vampire, rather, said individual would become Icarus.

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