• To be infatuated with somebody.

  • A verb meaning crazy/dramatical/theatrical

  • Gaelic for awesome talent. gifted in music and very appealing to the eye.
    Sequin wearing game changer, who is out to change the world.

    Beautifully gifted piano player who legend has it, teamed up with Sir Elton John and brought the house down.
    Fashion icon and future leader of the free world. Liberation is coming.
    Monster lover.
    In some cultures it also refers to a gorgeous derriere.
    Bad romancer.

  • An adjective describing that someone is weird
    not in the head, just a bit ... out there ...

  • The most amazing woman known to walk this earth. She and her beautiful vagina will walk proudly in the music industry with her ass and tits.

    Not to mention, she loves all of her fans (little monsters) more than any other celebrity known to man-kind. She has not one bad thing to say about anyone except for skinny bitches that she bites the heads off of on stage at her concerts.

    She is part of the LGBT community and a HUGE supporter of it.

    She was born this way.

    Paws up.


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