• Ferreting is derived from the use of ferrets in hunting With their long, lean build, and inquisitive nature, ferrets are very well equipped for getting down holes. The term has evolved into a sexual context where two or more males “ferret” an unsuspecting “rabbit burrow” (female) often referred to as “the rabbit”. In the context of hunting one puts a ferret into each hole and leaving one hole available to observe and capture the discharge. To truly perform the act of ferreting one must not have washed for a good few days the participant’s skin must be rife with all the sweat, grit and revolting bodily odours that make a man a man.

  • 1.) Cuddling that is incredibly comfortable although may appear odd to outside viewers

    2.) To cuddle, only in a fashion that resembles how ferrets lay and sleep: bundled over one another. A very comfortable way to cuddle with a significant other

  • Manovering round a night club or similar establishment, placing stickers of your face on girls breats.

    A popular challenge for a [stag] on his last night of Freedom.

    Technique: [Pat Pat Grope]

  • The act of scratching ones own a**hole.

  • A game gay males play buy letting ferrets run up their ass.