• A sexual act of penatration (vaginal or anal) involving an amputated limb.

  • Stumping is a fun way to trip someone when they are running directly behind you. It can be used as a practical escape method or a as a hilarious [prank].

    Right as your pursuer is directly behind you, hit the brakes and crouch down, much like the [fetal position]. Not being able to dodge this new obstacle, the unfortunate pursuer, still running at full speed, runs into you with his legs and finds himself a whole load of [bad luck] usually in the form of flying, [faceplanting], public humiliation, or other injuries.

  • Using the remaining stump of a amputated limb to have sex with someone.

  • The act of saying yes to something, then changing your mind. Usually used for plans or a date.

    Also used in the -ed form

  • Like humping—gay or straight—but sex with an especially thick penis or log, with a girth well above the 5.5 average.

  • The insertion of ones partially amputated limb into the sphincter of another person. It is only considered a homosexual activity when both participants are male, otherwise it is a form of [pegging]. synonym: Dirty Oscar.

  • Sexual act whereby a mans penis is inserted into the empty eye socket of a one eyed partner for physical gratification. Often utilized as a domination technique to impart a sense of total ownership over the receiving partner in BDSM circles.

  • when an amputee sticks their stump into a female vagina or asshole


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