• Montreal is a wonderful city full of action and a great history.

    Although Montreals sucess is fairly recent, the city has been alive for hundreds of years. Its been THE place in Quebec everybody wants to visit.

    The action in Montreal is absolutely unbelievable. You could visit Montreal for a few days and feel like youve lived a totally different life while spending your time there.

    Probably the only city in the province of Quebec to hold as many subcultures and different lifestyles.

    The Arts and Media are highly developed there, too. Fashion and Art shows, great musicians, television shows, comedians.

    The Montreal Jazz Festival is probably the citys biggest event of all time. Every year, hundreds(if not thousands) of musicians from all over the world travel to perform, or to watch. Its not just Jazz music, its always very diverse. I strongly recommand it.

    And as for the party times of Montreal, well, yknow the reputation.
    Sex drugs and rock n roll.
    Dont forget the clubs
    Goth, Metal, Punk, House and RnB, They have all the types of clubs.

    Drinking age : 18 Years
    People drink : In parks.
    Cops : Too drunk to notice.

  • Where else in North America can you go gamble in a casino, drink liquor in a park, smoke spliffs on the street and see the hottest strippers in the world? Oh yeah - legal drinking age is 18!!!

  • A fine city with a rich and unique history, lovely parks, and a diverse population that is typically recognized for being little more than a great party town by unbelievably lame American jerkoffs who go there to get wasted and hit strip joints.

  • Please you ignorant buffoons, you wouldnt know a great city from your ass (I am of course talking mainly to Big K man, who i assume is not actually very big, if you know what i mean (wink wink), and Adam B).
    I dont know if i can capture the essence of Montreal quite as well as Kazzie but i will try.
    First of all let me point out to all those marjuana enthusiasts that although Montreal may have some of the best weed there is far more to this mammoth of a city then just that.
    Montreal is not only internationally renowned for remaining at the height of fashion, pop culture and social atmosphere but it is also one of the most, if not THE most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in north america. As a montrealer i pride myself on the fact that unlike the melting pot that is the US, Canada and specifically Montreal welcomes (and does not judge) all races, religions and cultures, all of whom have thriving communities in Montreal. Those frenchies as Adam B so eloquently put it are just part of the unbelievable atmosphere that the officially BILINGUAL city of Montreal has to offer.
    By the by, Montreal is also home to world renowned Mcgill Univeristy and of course to the greatest hockey team of all time...the MONTREAL CANADIENS!
    So dont judge a book by its cover and certainly dont judge Montreal by the opinions of Big K man and Adam B as scholarly and dignified a definition as they may have wrote.

  • Where American boys go to party because the drinking age is 18, not 21.

  • One of the best cities in north america, the city where canadas REAL heritage comes from. Easygoing people, a million festivals in summer, the most beautiful ladies in the world(even better than in brazil), stupid tourists that hate quebecois people and dare visit the french capital of north america where the sun never sets and you can buy beer at the corner store... sorry but its the best city on the continent so if you hate french people or italians or any ethnicity, dont come!!

  • A liberal city where everyone knows how to have a good time!

  • cutiest girls, drugs are tolered in the streets, good bars, the casino is so great, the strippers rock! the finest beat in the clubs,

  • Correction: A French Canadian City with the best drivers in the world... You bitches just cant handle our mad skillz.

  • A realy nice and diverse city in Quebec, Canadda. Its full of cool stuff to see and the City Bus is almost free because you can just put as much money as you want as long as it makes noise.


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