• A term railroad employees use to describe a railroad enthusiast / railfan and the railfan community at large. Most often used disparagingly.

  • Orignally used to describe railbuffs, it now describes anyone who gets excited about something so much that they start foaming at the mouth.

  • The type of [n00b] who would use derogatory rail slang like [SCAXliner] or Amtrash, complains about the tuning of train horns, tends to endanger his or others lives for a good photo, and angers railroad crews through his actions.

    Also tends to spam [youtube] haters channels, and tend to harrangue people via internet, cell phone, etc.

  • Foamer (n.): a person who cant communicate with anyone, without going off about how Trump is (saving/destroying) our nation, whos oppressed (or privileged) or an issue that is so f*cking important nobody should do ANYTHING until its remedied to the foamers satisfaction.

  • Used by professionals in the theme-park industry to describe hard-core fans of theme parks, amusement parks, and attractions.
    As a fan base, they get so excited about something that they start foaming at the mouth.

  • Derrogatory term used by surfers to describe bodyboarders, in reference to the fact that body boards are constructed of foam.

  • an alcoholic drink- primarily beer

  • (1) One who talks alot of non-sense and completely lies about something or someone. (hense having foam in ones mouth and not being able to understand them)

    (2) An [asshole] who says something about someone but doesnt have the courage to back it up.

  • A person who either:
    A. Calls someone a Foamer, for simply disagreeing with them.
    B. Cares enough about the fact that someone might think they are a foamer that they would make an exclamation that they are not a foamer
    or C. Purposely acts in a certain way for the purpose of not being considered a foamer.

  • When a males penis is not erect, but completely down either. Usually occurs in between the two. (See also: [Chubby])


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