• Kiya is amazing smart and loving... she has a big heart and loves to learn... she is artistic, athletic, and highly intellgent and her intellegence os only exceeded by her beauty.

  • The hottest type of girl. She knows how to move her hips and shake her ass. Kiya is the type of girl all men strive to have. Beautiful, charming and fun. Kiya is the perfect girlfriend. She has class, but can also be the baddest girl around. Kiya is a solid ten out of ten.

  • A girl whos misunderstood someone who is artistic and is loving just dont get on her bad side a girl who just wants to be happy and loved a girl who will do anything to protect her friends and family a girl who can never be with her true love but still loves that person anyway a pretty, nice, goofy, fun, shy girl

  • Kiya is a girl how is misunderstood by the people she loves. She wishes to grow up, but is still happy with herself being young. She has a big heart and would do anything for her friends. She normally dreams of the most important days of her life. Kiya hides behind her beauty that people constantly complement her on. As Kiya grows up all of the best things about her become stronger.

  • A ginger fat bitch. Fucking slag. Nobody loves her cos shes that ugly and such a shit person tbh.

  • someone who was bred to be stupid and ignorant. also someone who has no concept of life, respect, sanity, love and generally everything else. also, cannot make good threats worth half a shit


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