• A place for social gatherings, that plays the latest music and encourgaes dancing and drinking. It also encourages under-aged female jail bait to slip by the bouncer to be lusty eye candy for the 30 something males that attend.

  • What you strike baby seals with.

  • Clubs are generally worthless places to enter as well as a word to describe blunt [weapons]. Clubs are considered mankinds simplest weapons and are stereotypically associated with cavemen. These instruments are generally useful for handling drunks and [chavs] as well as bad musicians and medieval reenactors. They can be found almost anywhere.

  • A largely pointless and futile gathering point, whereby simple imbeciles proceed to flail about to obnoxiously loud music, whilst chemically inconvenienced.

    Most of these events require the participent to have previously consumed various obscurce and intelligence-rotting narcotic substances, in a misguided attempt to keep that person over there from doing anything to them that might involve rusty hooks and possibly salt.

  • The place where you take your eyes off your drink for 2 minutes drink it collapse and black out and then wake up in a bathtub with your kidneys on Ebay

  • A modern concentration camp for homosexual mongs.

  • A medical marijuana dispensary. People know them as clubs.


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