1. One who works for the stage doing techinical services, such as sound, lighting, or stage hand work.

    2. A major subculture, where members dress up all in black, carry multitools, and a roll of gaft tape.

  • A technician. One who works on the technical aspect of any production. Often work into the wee hours the night before a show opens and still receive little recognition.

  • a person who routinely wears all black and carries around a wrench and flashlight. Many times seen eating pie backstage.
    a crucial part of a show, where if there were no techies, the show would not go on.

  • One who is involved with all Technical aspects of a show/film/production, including but not limited to: Lighting Design/programming/implementation; Set Design/Construction; Prop Design/Construction; Costume design/construction; etcetra
    Commonly known to wear all black, Join IATSE, and generally to have rather sick senses of humor. (Warning to all actors, they have Gaffers tape, they will stick you to the wall)
    Note: The Stage/Production Manager can be considered to be a Techie, for they are considered god on set, the reason I set this aside is because they are not involved with IATSE, but with Equity.

  • People who work on the technical aspects of theatre; (i.e. Lighting, Sound, Scenic, Costumes, Video)this includes either design or implementation of any of the preceding fields. Quite often underpaid and overworked. Actors typically believe these people in particular to be the gnomes or fairies that come during the night and make their set appear. Techies can be seen backstage lounging on the [fly rail].

  • a techie is someone who builds the sets for plays. Also, they run the lights, sound, fly, props, set changes, and bothering the actors. They are known to wear all black and lurk in the darkness of the theater. They put in hours of work for little or no recognition from anyone and can usually be recognized by rather interesting sense of humor.

  • The guardians of silence; the masters of darkness. They wear the blackness of midnight, and walk as the wind does; sometimes silently, sometimes howlingly, but always swiftly and with purpose. They live behind the curtains.

    They are the ninjas.
    The actors are the pirates.

    1. An often highly skilled person involved with technical theatre. Technical theatre involves sound technicians (A1s: board operator and A2s: microphone placement backstage), light board operators (spot light operators also), light designers, set designers, a deck crew (who move everything on and off stage), a props crew (who look after and repair props), a fly crew (in simple terms, the person who utilizes the pulley system on stage left or stage right to lower flats that hang from the batons located above the stage), and a costume crew (minor repairs and makeup). Although technicians are the most skilled workers in theatre, we hardly get credit for our work.

    To be a good technician you must have basic knowledge of lights (Ellipsoidals, Pars, Fresnels, etc.) and gels, be able to do basic mixing on the sound board, and be able to QUIETLY move things on and off stage. A good technician is versatile.

    1. Technicians are required to wear all black, during rehearsals and shows, so as to not be seen between the wings on stage or the booth (where the sound board, light board, and spot lights are most likely placed).

    2. The most important thing is that the term techie is an offensive name. It is used by many actors to demean us. However, some actors dont mean any harm by using this word, they just dont know this terms negative connotation.

    3. Last of all, technicians are the elite of the theatre. Do not mess with us because we will make you look horrible on stage.

  • someone who has a high interest in computers, and almost always looks at the technicallities of things


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