• A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the

  • A depressed child. Adults have the notion that juveniles need to suffer. Only when they have suffered enough to wipe out most of their joyous spirits and innocence are they staid enough to be considered Adult. See also: Mature.

    1. The period of your life before death, and after the time when you realize that it is, in fact, NOT cool to paste cut-outs from Teen People onto your binder.

    2. The label you give to movies that have copious amounts of the letter X on them.

  • A ridiculous person who thinks that everyone who uses myspace will get raped eventually, its bad for kids to have things easy, and anything with a screen is a portal into hell. basically, shortsighted bastards who exist to annoy rational people.

  • a middle aged grown up whos only purpose in life is to annoy and bitch to kids and teenagers. they hate pretty much everything and everyone, mostly their kids because they didnt have a good childhood and are now bitching and complaining about it to every other person 20 years younger than him or her, what a douchebag

  • One old enough to be cruel to, rationalizing that such a person is mature enough to handle whatever you dish out.

  • (noun)
    One who thinks they deserve the right to control EVERYTHING there is to control, and usually, in fact most always, results in severe hate by many teenagers everywhere. Mostly practices this believed right on his/her offspring. Does not deserve friends, or a social life.

    This definition specifically applies to those who would read it and say to themselves the following thought: god damn teenagers complain about way too fucking much.

  • the reason for so much evil and stupidity on this earth. everything that is wrong on earth is caused by adults and still children gotta respect them.

  • noun:1)An individual who is old enough to take complete responsibility for all of his/her actions. Often described by the goverment as a person who has reached a certain age (e.g. a person 18 years old or more). Adjective: 2)Pertaining to adults. 3)Describing sexually suggestive material.

  • A soul broken by society; someone who has lost faith in people.