• (possibly noun or verb) Possibly translates as:
    A cooperateive society or socities.

    Working together in unity.

    Apparently the word is usually uttered at community gatherings like fundraisers for students or sick people.

    Possible alternate spelling: Harambe


  • Bees in harambe

  • Verb [ha-raam-buttfuck-bee]

    1. Gang Rape
    2. To bond with friends over repeated unprotected sex with a stripper you paid too little.
    3. A girl getting it in every orifice while giving a blumpkin.

    Comes from the greek origins harem please which literally translated means that several men being pleasure by a muslim woman.

    Now it is often confused because Kenya is trying to use it as their country motto causing many men to be disappointed when finding out they will not be getting laid.


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