1. A flat sheet of microfilm in a form suitable for filing, usually measuring around 4 by 6 in. and containing microreproductions, as of printed or graphic matter, in a grid pattern.
    2. Where [Mr. T] can/will punch you.

  • What the hell is a microfiche? Nobody knows!

    Please tell us Mrs.Irons!

    The term became so popular in a 4th year computing class at Grove Academy that pupils created a chat service so they could speak to their peers way over at the other side of the class (example: Darryl could speak to Osborne!), and they called it Microfiche.

  • A spool of film containing usually useful information in the form of newspapers or other scholarly material.. Half of the time they are used to look at nostalgic comics from old newspapers. The other half of the time is spent trying to get the spools lined up inside of the machine or otherwise rewinding a reel by hand because you got the film all over.

  • (v., trans.) The conscious intent to lose someones contact because they take so long to get together for a date. This individual, while still newsworthy, is a good learning experience but no longer current news, and is therefore relegated to archives.

    Microfiching works best with phone numbers from individuals who are old enough to believe that Microfiche still exists in libraries.


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