• noun.

    Dunch refers to a meal enjoyed subsequent to lunch but prior to dinner.

    Dunch should be distinguished from [linner], another meal occurring in the post-lunch, pre-dinner interval, in that dunch occurs after [linner], closer to dinner time.

    Thus, the socially accepted norm with regard to afternoon eating agendas comprises the following progression of meals:

    Lunch --> Linner --> Dunch --> Dinner

  • An abnormally time-consuming, large, pasty and often painful [bowel] [movement]. As a general rule, taking a dunch requires most of ones lunch break to pass [loaf] or [loaves] and finish the paperwork.

  • The sound a large bag of gravel or rice makes when it falls on the ground.

  • One who is of the characteristics of complete garbage.

  • a meal in between dinner and Lunch. [Dunch]

  • Combination of [dump] and [stench] used to describe an especially smelly fart that lingers

  • Like a douche for the bottom.

  • The [meal] that falls around 2-3 p.m. Too [late] to be [lunch]and too early to be dinner but more than just a snack. It is a well balanced meal. It is often substituted for dinner for those on diets and trying to stick with the rule of 60% of your meal intake should be done before 3 pm (Shaun T)

  • Any full meal eaten between the hours of 2 and 5 P.M. After 2 is too late to be considered lunch and 5 is too early to be considered dinner.


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