• Ring finger in the poohole. Index and/or middle fingers in the pussy, while the thumb stimulates the clit
    (if possible).

    1. An extremely vicious, carnivorous, streamlined [fish] that can attack with blinding speed and [razor-sharp] teeth.

    2. An extremely vicious, carnivorous, streamlined car that eats [Rustangs] and shits [Ford] emblems.

  • A younger woman over 18 that is attracted to older men.

    To define the rest (younger in their 20s, older in their 40s)....

    Cougar - An older woman that likes younger guys.
    Dingo - A younger man into older women.
    Maverick - An older guy into younger women.
    Gerbil - An underage girl into older guys.

  • A muscle car/pony car produced by Plymouth in the 60s and early 70s. For 1970-71, the Barracuda was available with 426 Street Hemi, making it (arguably) the most fearsome Detriot supercar ever produced. Today, Barracudas (especially convertibles) are highly prized among collectors.

  • A promiscuous, sexually aggressive woman, someone who takes a traditionally masculine approach to getting laid - less interested in a committed relationship, more interested in having the sex and walking away in pursuit of the next score. Consequently, such a woman quickly gains a reputation for her sometimes devastating effects on the men she sleeps with.

  • a woman manager in corporate america who will micromanage you or bite your ass

  • To place two fingers in the vagina and two fingers in the anus simultaneously, whilst stimulating the clitoris with the thumb.

  • two fingers in the pink one in the stink

  • tripple sec, southern comfort, Vodka. Simple as that

  • A crew or mafia boss relatively described as the big fish, the barracuda, because of his vicious nature.