• a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person

  • The act of putting on a strap on backwards, to which your lady friend then climbs onto your back and gets into position by inserting the strap on penis into the vagina. The person wearing the strap on then proceeds to run around the house while she hangs onto your back, the backwards strap on inside of her.

  • Used to describe anything that is horseshit, bullshit, and completely out of line and uncalled for. Rickshaw is the polar opposite of [crenshaw].

  • A character from Medal of Honour: Rising Sun. He tries his best. He appears in the Singapore Sling Misson. Also He continues to try his best.

  • A Rickshaw is a person who is a shit talking, two timing, double strandard, overdramatic cuntbag, and can also be referred to as a Pussy or drama queen

    Rickshaws also commonly have small penises.

  • n. a person who is constantly making bad choices in life, especially romantically, and then blames these bad decisions on an absentee father. this person should, however, have learned from the mistakes he/she has made in the past, and should, by this point, take responsibility for how his/her life has turned out.

  • in internet messageboard lingo, to drive a thread off of its intended topic; compare to [trolling], however usually a rickshaw happens without the negative intent.

    1. noun
      a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person

    2. noun, slang
      a pejorative for female genitalia typically associated with women of Asian decent, associated with the racist WWII era belief that Asian womens vaginas have a horizontal rather than vertical orientation

    see also UB Dictionary definition for sideways

  • sex position where the man is laying down behind the female with his legs wrapped around her


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