• A treatment consisting of different chemicals for different types of cancers used in cancer treatment.It has been known to cause hair loss and make you sick as fuck.

  • the number one reason people die from cancer

  • Chemotherapy uses toxic chemicals to supposedly treat cancer.

    Drugs are not FDA approved, only shrink tumors, but do generate large amounts of money, half a million, a success for the hospitals only. STUPID
    Health and quality of life are not measures of success here.
    Its just a SCAM, a conspiracy, which are perfect of course since they get away with it. STUPID PUSSIES
    They have been lying to us, even produce hospital shows on TV to perpetuate the lie; yes they can afford it.
    These people are obviously sociopaths and psychopaths, they know they are harming people, but hey thats what power and money is all about. STUPID PUSSIES

  • a cancer treatment consisting of being hooked up to medicine-containing machines Side effects include losing your hair


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