• Breed of dog, named for the creator of the breed, Louis Dobermann. Mr. Dobermann was a tax collector in Germany and wanted a good protection dog. Dobermans are truly a man-made breed. Some of the breeds thought to have contributed to the Doberman are German Pinschers, Manchester terriers, Weimeraners, and [Rottweiler].

  • A large sized, short-haired, A.K.C-registered breed. First developed in Germany by the tax collecter Louis Dobermann. Dobermans are very clingy to their owners and make a loyal, well tempered dog if raised correctly. Could become aggressive if not given proper care and training. The tail is traditionally docked from puppyhood and ears may be cropped or left natural. Comes in red, fawn, black, or blue with either rust or tan markings. Some are also born pure white which is a fault in the show ring. Dobermans are prone to heart conditions as well as color deformity. Also a very intelligent breed that needs mental excercise as well as physical.

  • one big, badazz dog dat guards yo house an tears up any ni99a dat try to come in yo yard

  • Penis prank; the reverse view of the [mangina].

  • a clumsy or dozy person who continues to commit foolish acts


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