• the most amazing person alive with a huge penis

  • Used to describe someone really cool or high up on a social chain. These people are very powerful so must be respected.

  • Just a hot guy in general, usually has a great sense of humor and a great taste in chicks.

  • a cute kid, usually short in stature. he uses sarcasm way to much and cannot stay serious for more than an hour maximum. usually funny, but over the years looses their foshizzle as maturity starts to overcome them. has dance moves, way way to cool for the d floor and probably should not bring them out into public. even though sometimes, he can be a bit nasty with his sarcasm and shit jokes, that you dont no if there serious or not, a dean is an amazing person, who any girl would be lucky be with because dean is one of the sweetest guys you could meet and one that youd be stupid to let go off.

  • A man that can impregnate many girls, while at all times staying anonymous

  • Dean can be used in any situation whenever needed for a substitute for a word that you can not think of at the time or that something is so crazy that there isnt even a word for it or if you just like to use the word.

  • To hit someone in the face; often a small child with a basketball

  • A very banterous individual.

  • The kind of guy that you Love for exactly who he is. Everything about him makes you smile. Once you meet him, you know theres something about him thats special but you cant quite place it at first. Hes the guy that you end up in Love with and hope to spend the rest of your life with. Hes absolutely amazing and perfect.