• In North India (primarily in Hindi speaking areas) pappu is used as a nickname for

    DEF. 1) a typically shy/inept male.

    DEF. 2) someone who shows an uncanny level of innocence or introversion.

    Recently, the definition has evolved to a more glorious connotations thanks to a popular Bollywood song Pappu cant dance sala where the new dimensions attached are a departure from the conventional definition.

    The new pappu refers to

    DEF. 3) an individual who is accomplished, well-off and able. A Renaissance Man of sorts.

    NB: The song associates the following traits in Pappu: Muscular, Popular, Bachelor, Has a fast vehicle, Popular with the ladies, Light Blue Eyes, Looks Caucasian, Has a Rado Watch, Wears Gucci Perfume, A Star, Bound to become famous, Has an advanced degree (MBA), Holidays in France, Plays the guitar

    However, in South India, pappu is used to denote:

    DEF. 4) a bland dish made of lentil mash
    DEF. 5) an innocent/boring individual
    DEF. 6) a young child

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  • Pappu

  • Pappu means dabang man. In bihar and up this name mins the person who is innocent .

  • Pappu

  • pappu

  • Pappu

  • definition 1:pappu is otherwise just another indian name...but is often used to make fun of noobs and people with sheep mentality...

    definition 2:synonym for cock.

    definition 3:used as an expression of failure....i am fucked

  • Pappu

  • In Telugu, the language of Andhra Pradesh (a state in southern India), the word means lentil. Pappu is also used as a derogatory term for a member of the Brahmin community (priestly caste). The connection lies in the fact that traditionally Brahmins were supposed to be vegetarians and their diet had a lot of lentils. However, the two pappu people I knew in college were both meat eaters. Despite changing food preferences, the epithet is quite popular.


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