1. When the highschool alumni come to see a home football game. The week leading up to the Homecoming game can involve class spirit competitions and other such things.
    2. Referring to the Homecoming football game.
    3. Referring to the dance typically the night after the football game.

  • The first dance (semiformal) held at the beginning of every year. Is for every grade, not just underclassmen. Is also a dance for the previous graduating class to come back and dance again, hence the name home coming, like coming home.

  • In high school: A meaningless football game, followed by a clothed [orgy] containing mostly lowerclassman.

  • A dance at the beginning of the year that a lot of the school population uses as an excuse to drink a lot of alcohol ... a good time to make new friends, and do things you had always wanted to but never got the chance.
    May have consequences.

  • a time for high school students to come together and rock the gym, grind on strangers, and dress up with friends

    1. A pathetic excuse that freshmen and sophomores use to try to substitute Prom. Has a much lower rate of ending with poontang than Prom.

  • A huge orgy involving multiple parties, grinding, and tons of drunk/horny teenagers that usually follows a football game.

  • a [kick ass] Green Day song, homecoming is on the [American Idiot] album. American Idiot was released in 2004. all of the band members actually wrote parts of the song. Billie Joe Armstrong (vocal

  • A formal dance in which the schools population makes a huge deal about for nothing. 100% of freshman girls get all worked up over not being asked to a gay ass dance that consists of about 100 gay ass other freshman and your occasional slut. Freshman will commonly use this dance as an excuse for Prom. Those not so gay ass people will find a date and try to be a smart ass by taking pictures together and claiming that it counts as their homecoming. Dont be one of those smart asses.


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