• Lecture Series Committee (MIT). The group that puts on movies and lectures at MIT.

  • Abbreviation for the Lifetime Shard Card

  • Lip Slut Crew...a group of girls who arent traditional sluts--kissing only.

  • Stands for Lesbian Sex Cult. Basically, a gang or club made up of lesbians and bisexual girls who want to stand out. The ring leader or lsc master is normally a perverted guy, but can often be another female.

  • Lake Shawnee Crew. The true OGs from the small lake community of Jefferson Township. The second generation is rising and raising hell. Their are no enemies in the Crew and someone in Shawnee always has a butt. Infamous for partying up in the woods where zoot zooters dont often go...for the most part. Livin up to those before them and passing down the tradition to the next generation of punks/scumbags/assholes/flubbers/and sluts.