• sexiest woman alive!!!!

  • Rima: you cant stop smiling when shes around.

  • person who has great taste in music, a lil more ahead in G-school than [nilam]s are. cool person who makes even a station wagon look pimp if shes in it.

    Rimas are usually is too good for the guys that are after her

  • Safest girl to chill with, crakin jokes all de time.... F-KN SEXY LIKE HELL, fair, long brownish-black hair, green eyes, dimples, strait teeth (lolz), hot body..Any guy that see’s her will wana f-k her right there

  • A female who is considered the perfect wife. She is caring, loving and extremely beautiful. Not only is she considered wife material, but she is also a strong and fearless character - not to mention highly intelligent. Thus Rima is considered a super human, which ultimately means that she is out of every mans league.

  • An absolutely perfect girl, the type of girl that doesnt realise shes out of every boys league. Shes just so beautiful yet so modest and her personality is just as good as her looks. Shes the type of girl you wouldnt mind seeing on the beach.