• Someone who studies or practises Law, usually a member of the legal prfession as either a solicitor or barrister. very often the better lawyers are involved in fighting for Human Rights and Civil Liberties in courts and the academic kind often researches to find out what effects laws are having on real people.

    Often insulted by people who dont know how hard work it is and how much the authorities and corporations would trample over their rights if lawyers and the law didnt exist.

  • A common mispelling of [liar].

  • A student in the laws of a sovereign body. To become a lawyer one must study the basics of the law for a specified period than pass a difficult proficiency examination.

  • A zealous advocate acting as an agent for a client. The duty to the client is a fiduciary duty, the highest duty the law can impose. As a result of this duty a lawyer is required to obtain extensive knowledge of the law along with a high level of legal research and analysis skills. Another result of the fiduciary duty is that the attorney must act in the clients best interest regardless of personal interests or moral objections. The lawyer must use any tool given by the law to ensure the most attractive outcome for the client, including technicalities and vague language.

  • A person who knows about the law, the loopholes in the law, and the Constitution (the Constitution has no loopholes), and will use any and all of the above to get you out of whatever stupid ass mess that your stupid ass got you into. You will love this person, until you pay them, when you will hate them, but at least you will be out of jail, unless you lost. A lawyer typically is an unhappy looking nerd typing on a blackberry, unless they work for the government, in which case they are harder to pinpoint.

  • A soon-to-be [politician].

  • proffessional bullshit artist.

  • A white guy you pay to convince the judge/jury that you didnt do it.

  • A Hireable Liar...Will Defend You Even If You Are Guilty...
    Bullshitinng Is Their Expertiece.