• A good crazy, more like eccentric. Silly. A very desirable trait in women that shows theyre not uptight! Fun. Typically linked to girls with curly hair. Meaning their thought patterns are different.

  • A Curly is a curved glass pipe used for smoking meth......more specifically, the round curvy glass obtained from a compact flourescent lamp, which strategically broken and carefully cleaned, which is then used to heat and smoke the drug. . Proponents of the curly claim it is much superior to the more common oil burner used by most tweakers.claiming a more vigorous hit while using less werk.

  • a kickname for a bald-headed dude

  • Used to describe something that is fancy or expensive.

    1. To be curly means to be drunk. It stems from the feeling you get when the booze first hits you and your eye sight goes wonky. Then when you try to stand up, the whole room is a little spinny.

    2. Generally used to describe people with curly hair who stand out from the crowd, but it can also be used to describe anybody who is perhaps a little different looking to the set norm of our society.

    3. Even more confusingly, it can also sometimes be used to describe somebody who is rather hot.

  • A nick-name for a complete [slag]. Usually thinks they are funny and poplular, but this couldnt be futher from the truth. A spitful and hated person and a slag who is a disgrase to man-kind should have the [nick-name] Curly.

  • The name of a body pillow with twisting fabric that gives it the appearance of curly hair. If youre not careful, your girlfriend will neglect you for its comfort.

  • Curly is when instead of a man getting a boner, the weiner becomes curly, as in a energy-efficent lightbulb. It also can be used as a term for horny.

  • Made, growing, or arranged in curls or curves.