• a combination of snap and ouch (e.g) snouch A reply to someone whom expresses an insult towards yourself.

  • A snouch is a contraction of snatch pouch, and is the space between the pussy and the underwear surrounding it, which can be used for storage of small items.

    Storage of larger items can be consigned, as usual, to the cleavage.

  • A variation on the classic teabag. Choose a victim who has passed out at a party w/ their shoes on. While theyre snoring blissfully, gently rest your scrotum on their upper lip for a few inhalations, letting them draw your scent into their dreams. then, simply zip up and walk away. Subject will wake up and suspect something occurred, but never know exactly where that smell on their upper lip came from.

  • The fat, disgusting pouch a woman gets below her waist in the front.

    Snatch pouch = snouch.

  • That ultra comforable, extremely hard to get out of slouch one gets after a hearty meal.

  • Another way to say the word shit. Can be in reference to anything of distaste to a specific individual. Can also be used to refer to something that everyone is aware about without actually specifically mentioning it.

  • When one props there legs up on the bed, then proceeds to masturbate to the point of climax having the cum hit your own face.