• The act of oral pleasure

  • It means like putting out something or make it stop.

  • when you are giving head and you gag

  • Youve been walking for 3 hours from your broken down shitbox car in the summer heat. Perspiration drips from every pour in agony with the cottonmouth you have and your starting to halucinate from the sack o green which is now diminished. There you see it, YOUR HOUSE. You sprint as fast as a kenyan thats found a mate inside and grab the closest thing to extinguish the feeling of want, and replace it with the SATISFACTION OF HAVE! THAT, my friends is, to Quench.

  • Its another word for saying something is cool, it can be used as confirmation or agreement, or as an exclamation. Can also be used to describe a very attractive person.

    For example:
    Do you want to go to the game later?

    Synonyms include dope, [trill], jawn, hot, totally, etc.

  • Possibly the most successful YE company ever to have graced the earth


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