• Anorexia Nervosa, A serious mental disorder, where people (usually females) have a strong need to lose weight, a feeling that theyre never good enough, often self-inducing starvation, excessive exercise, and many times engaging in other self-destructive behaviors.
    People do not realize that Anorexia is a disease, and lord knows that if I could just get rid of it I would. It is HELL.

    DSM-IV criteria include:

    -Failure to maintain a minimally healthy weight, feeling they are too fat even though underweight
    -Anorrhea(Loss of 3 or more consecutive mestural cycles)

    Health Risks include:

    loss of hair
    lowered body tempature
    Lanugo (growth of fine hair on the back and arms due to lack of fat to warm the body)
    dark bruises around the eyes due to protien deficiency
    tearing of the intestines due to lack of food

  • A disease. It cant be snapped out of. People dont realise that you dont have to be a living skeleton to be anorexic, you just have to be obsessed with losing weight.

  • Its a DISEASE you retards. Someone with the disease cant just start eating like normal. For those of you who say its only for rich teen girls with low self esteem, youre way wrong. It can stem from many things. So I suggest you keep your mouth shut if you dont know what the fuck youre talking about.

  • Fun Fact: Anorexia is not Anorexia Nervosa! Anorexia is a symptom in which one refuses food. Anorexia Nervosa is a disease in which one refuses food for fear of becoming fat. See the Example!

  • A mental disorder where a person feels a strong desire to lose weight. Contrary to belief, when an anorexic person looks in the mirror they dont see something different. They see themselves, but in an extremely over-analyzed way, and they focus in on the fat that they have. Its not about being fat, but HAVING fat, rather. For most people with anorexia, getting rid of fat is getting rid of failure and becoming pure. These people usually are perfectionists in one way or another. A lot of them also have a lot of trouble saying no, and are afraid of not pleasing those around them.

  • A SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER! Absolutely not an extreme diet, you fuckheads! Get your facts straight. I have anorexia, and let me tell you how horrible it is. Every day of my life is a battle. Every day. Try living a day in my shoes and see how it feels. People with anorexia use food as a way to cope with feelings they cant express or deal with. Its a coping mechanism with feelings of comfort and safety attached. It cant be cured by eating a friggen sandwich or having a milkshake. No. It can only be treated by seeking therapy, nutrition counseling, and/or psychiatry. Anorexia is NOT a choice. It is a disease, and unfortunately completely misconceived as a pathetic diet. Well youre wrong. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all mental disorders. Diet? I think not. Please be informed on the reality of this disease. Its not something we do for fun.Its the worst, and I wouldnt wish it on anyone.

  • A very serious disease, which isnt always self inflicted. When a person, has a fear of becoming fat, so they dont eat. It is normally a female, because women are praised if they look good, and men are looked up upon if they have a high status or good job. They have a need to control something in their life, so they completely control their weight(thats what a Psychologist said). It can also be because of: fear of food, fear of becoming fat, or after a trauma in their life. They normally like cooking too.

    Sigmund Freud also said its because they subconsciously want to look like a penis, but many people dissagree with his studies.