High life

  • A cheap, yet refreshing beer made by the best American brewing company.

  • Its a way of life. Its not just about how you dress or what you smokin. When youre high life livin, it means youre living without boundaries or limits. We dont follow rules or copy the next man, originality is the key people!!

  • The best American Style beer known to man. It gets you very drunk and at the same time tastes unbelievable. Commonly referred to as the champagne of beer.

  • (1) Next generation of people who are frequent clubbers, spenders, and owners of high-end gadgetry. (2) A high-class society which is somewhere between the B-Class and the A-Class. (3) Sophisticated and glamorous at the same time (when referring to objects)

  • 1.A mixture of rubbing alcohol and red pepper ect. that is to be placed in someones ass hole and/or on there balls ect.

    1. The act of placing the mixture in said ass hole and/or on said balls ect.

  • A person who hires a marine biologist to take care of his aquarium at home.

  • When a women does a hand stand and spreads her legs in the air, then a person comes along and shakes up a bottle of Miller High Life and shoves it into her vagina, uses her cervix as a bottle opener and cracks it open to poor the contents all up inside her... then shes tipped over and used like a human beer bong.