• Orig. Latin: spectare (to watch)

    watching without interfering

  • Spectator is a commonly used term to describe the odd sheep in the pen in regards to women and their associates. In other words the fatter of the friends, one who doesnt look after personal figure, the girl who goes and watches her fitter friends play sport, whilst sitting on the side line eating a pie.

  • A very small potato

  • Now-defunct East Bay adult newspaper, originally part of the Berkeley Barb but spun off as an independent weekly in 1978. Ceased publication in 2005. One of the first publications anywhere to print sex-worker advertising. For the last 10 years or so of its life, the weekly Spectator ad was a regular business expense for many Bay Area pimps. Receives a mention in Hey Girl from The Teams 2002 CD, Beyond the Glory. Often called the Espectator by Bay Area TV or TG escorts.

  • It is a variation of the stranger. Except instead of just numbing your hands, you also numb your penis, giving a truly existential experience for yourself.

  • The acting of giving oneself a [reverse stranger] and a [stranger] at same time with the intention of not being able to feel both the yourself getting beat off and yourself beating off.


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