• Gaminess (or any form thereof) can be used as any part of speech, but is most coherent when used in the adjective or noun form. The key to successful usage of gaminess is to let it flow. It can be defined as something that is the ideal form of any activity or type of feeling or emotion, which causes you to become indescribably energetic, extremely positively charged with emotion, or just downright enthusiastic and juiced about something. Gaminess captures the activity or cause of these intense feelings, or rather, these acts that cause gaminess would be considered gamey acts. Most simply, it is used appropriately when all other words in the english language do not do justice to the emotion you are currently feeling. Also, it can be described as the feeling of the desire to be spontaneousness that results from an activity. It can also be used as a substitute for any word that has a similar part of speech. (Its uses are infinite, and this is an attempt to make finite that which is infinite)


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