• A species of fire breathing dragons with black, sleek scales. This reptile is deemed to be dangerous and deadly, however when befreinded, the dragon will become a sort of guardian. The name toothless derives from the dragons mouth which looks like it has the absense of teeth; but in times of danger, the dragons vicious teeth are exposed.

    The species was featured in the recent film, How to Train your Dragon

  • somebody whos sleezy or unbelievably sneaky

  • The jet black Night Fury dragon that appeared alongside main protagonist Hiccup as the deuteragonist in the 2010 movie How To Train Your Dragon. He is initially aggressive towards Hiccup but becomes friends with him after Hiccup helps Toothless become airborne again, after Toothless left tail fin was ripped off when Hiccup shot him down.

  • Having no teeth, typically through old age.