• An intelligent and beautiful girl on the inside and out. Loves to have fun and has a good energy about her. Would never let you down no matter what the circumstances, she will always have your back. Aka, The Shizz

  • Pig noise a vocalist makes

    (Job for A Cowboy)

  • the sexiest person alive. every guy wants her but none are worthy of her love except for a few. She kicks ass!!!

  • A girl who makes you feel incredible inside
    the one who gives you hope again
    the one who makes you realize that life is worth it.
    A Bree is the one who gives you a second chance when you tossed the first one out the window without completely comprehending what you had just done.

  • A very manic girl who runs around. Often very beautiful but extremely confused. She never really knows what shes after in life but shes very academically orientated. She is more attracted to older men then younger men. Loves the library and psychology text books.

  • an awesome girl. gorgeous smart creative cool fun unique independant confident

    a great friend to everyone.
    the one every guy wants.
    the one every girl wants to be.

  • Bree is an amazing and highly intelligent species of human. A nocturnal animal Brees like to hunt in packs and while in the hunting party their diet mainly consists of liquids. Once the hunting is complete Brees will hibernate until the next night unless they have pack matters to attend to. Their voracious appitite is only out done by their beauty. Many other creates have been enthralled by their eyes and once this happens that creature is theirs.

  • Bree is a girl who is unforgettable. She lights up a room right when she walks in to it. Bree is the girl everyone dreams to be. Shes a goddes and is truly amazing. She makes guys drool. Everyone wants to hang out with her and talk to her. She isnt the popular girl, shes the under study for the popular girl. Sure she isnt perfect but shes still worth it. She is a drama queen at times but she gets over it.

  • An either inhale or exhale variation of screaming used to signify pigs going to the slaughter. This is also known as a pig squeal. They are performed by vocalists in deathmetal/grindcore bands (As Blood Runs Black, Skinless, Job For a Cowboy, Arsonist Get All The Girls etc). The pitch of the squeal can vary. Deathmetal bands tend to keep squeals lower. Grindcore bands usually have them higher. The sound of the squeal refers to its name bree.

  • Bree is the most beautiful and amazing girl ever. She will always be sexy and never let you down. No matter what people say anyone would want her because of how perfect she is. Even if she didnt know how to kiss ( witch she does) anyone would still want her. But when she.breaks your heart. You wont be able to get over her she will be the best thing that has ever happened to anyone.