• Stanley the most calmest cuttest sweetest nicest funniest guy youll ever meet. He knows how to treat and look out or take care of best friends and people.Hes talented with what he does and a bit weird. You can trust him with everything and hell help you out as much as possble. Hes one of those ppl you just want to be bestfriends with him and soemtimes he doesnt know wat hes doing. Take me word hes the best hugger out there and loves to cuddle. He always goes out with friends but always makes sure he has time for someone he likes. He acts stupid in the funiest ways. His hair is so amazing like you just want iht ppl love touchin it and cant stop loving it take my word for it. If you meet him your one of the luckiest persons out there even though you think hes shy and quiet and wont talk or sumdum shyt he did to you. you wont regret having him if you come across one of him make sure you never lets go hes amazing just make sure its the rite Stanley

  • A great guy that has a great personality. He treats all his women with respect but also makes everything dirty, and pleasures women in every possible way! Stanley is a great sex partner that loves to cuddle and do everything. Women cant keep their hands off of Stanley because hes so sexy. Stanley is also another way to talk about a huge penis.

  • A Plan/Plan of action

  • A happy little town in western North Dakota, home of the BlueJays and the World Famous Whirl-a-Whip! Theres tons of nice people and almost every kid has at least a 3.5 gpa! This town is also home to the inventor of the diving board, Ray Rude! The oil boom did affect Stanley but mostly In a positive way! Its a beautiful town! You should visit sometime!

  • A traitor

  • The act of accidently knocking up a girl cuz your too cheap to buy condoms. So you decide to use the pull out method. But youre too stupid to pull out at the right time so your girl ends up PREGO!

  • The poorer and therefore shitter of the two main towns in Derwentside, County Durham. Consett, the more prosperous of the two areas was a shit-hole in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, however after the Steel works closed and money was re-invested in the area, it is now the Monte Carlo of Derwentside! Stanley on the other hand has a fine selection of boarded up shops, closed pubs and charity shops! It is frequented by neanderthols in chavy clothes and burberry baseball caps who will threaten you with minor violence if you look at them the wrong way but would actually shit a brick if you stood up to them!


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