• What the [Twilight] vampires do.

  • Verb: The act of throwing or applying glitter to someone or their clothes

  • (plural noun): A group of [twinks].

    Just as theres a murder of crows, a pack of wolves and a pod of dolphins, theres a sparkle of [twinks].

  • The effect or realization of the beauty in ones eyes. The sparkle is more than just a light reflecting in the saline of the pupal: it is the reflection of ones soul in a form that, like ones soul, is beautiful, shimmering, and often hard to see. It is said that if you can see the sparkle in the eyes of the person you are about to kiss, they are the one for you!

  • The tingling feeling you get inside when you feel as if youve either fallen in love with something or when something has saddened you, deeply.

  • the name of a very sweet and beautiful girl. She may start off quiet and need an observing period before her true personality comes out. A great pertner in relationships, very loving and loyal, great kisser, and she will always be there for you. Shes an amazing friend who always offers great advice. She just might need to follow her own sometimes. Shes very funny and goofy, always geeting into trouble.

    EP/SW 11.06.09

  • A girl name. These girls usually are tramps. Sparkles are usually dirty nasty whores. Big freaks and like boys to shoot their baby gravy on them.


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