• A country that claims the name of an entire continent to itself alone for no compelling reason.

  • pr. n

    (technical) A large area of land between the Atlantic and the Pacific, which includes the countries of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and others.

    (colloq.) The USA. Shortened, so that nobody could forget it, but shortened in the place that makes people have random arguments about whether America is just the USA, the whole North, or both continents.

    (deprec.) The place where you went in the 1900s if you fancied one of a few things; a new life, everybody elses money, or a way to get away from people who you pissed off in your past in the country where you started.
    syn. The American Dream - getting so rich that you can afford (and, indeed, savour) to not give a fuck for anybody else.

    (econ.) A place that got rich when others got nowhere by selling to both sides in world conflicts - right up until WW2, where their late arrival into the war did mean a certain victory for the Allies much sooner than it otherwise would have come.

    (obs.) One of only two nations in the entire world and its history that managed to do nothing in direct opposition to each other for nearly 50 years, and then have this period of nothingness labelled a war of any description.

    (inf.) Probably the only country that could win in a me versus everyone with the whole world, and despite the sometimes gung-ho antics of the nation, this does not look like it will ever be tested.

    A country that might, although not alone, manage to repeat history with the fate of the UN. Then again, the UN has been a talking house for the poorer countries for a while now, so nobody would really notice anyway.

    A nation containing people that, although patriotic (and sometimes blindly), do not quite rival the apparant self-contentedness of the British, even after most are well aware their empire was handed back to the people that lived in its colonies, who then promptly fell back into the hole they were in when they were taken in the first place. (syn. irony)

    The nation that will either cause WW3, or end it - but not both.

    A place containing large cities that can only be rivalled in their uncleanliness by Tokyo and Jakarta. (syn. not a good sign)

    (tech.) The country containing the most Internet users in the world. Also the country containing the most AOL users in the world. (syn. most annoying things ever)

    (econ.) A country with the most money youll never ever see in your lifetime.

    The only country in the entire history of the world to manage to fund, train, and supply things to someone, even indirectly, in their efforts to do harm to America itself. (syn. woops)

  • The country that everyone love to hate, but when disaster strikes, the one they look to for help

  • The greatest coutry in the world. (or used to be anyways)

    Thanks in part to George W. Bush, America is now the most hated country in the world. Poor presidential decisions have caused a war, a crappy economy, high gas prices, global warming, as well as a new low in stupidity.

    America used to be a place that people were proud to call home but now, most people just say theyre canadian when theyre really American.

    In america, a third-string QB for a pro football team will be paid roughly 6 times as much as a blue-collar worker who works hard every single day.

    People would rather read about who Jennifer Anniston is currently dating, rather then the current situation in Iraq.

    American kids all dream about how they want to be Pro sports players, not for the love of the game, but for the love of the money.

    America is the only place where the more money that is dumped into schools, the dumber the children get.

    The reputation of America has been forever tarnished, thanks to George W Bush.

  • A Place Where People Who Love Jesus, SUVs, Big Burgers, Big Women, And Unprotected Sex. Where People Hate Illegal Immigrants, Regular Immigrants, People Who Know Immigrants And Anything With a French Word in It. A Place Where People Pretend Like The Word French Doesnt Exist, Can i Get Some Freedom Fries Amen. A Country That Wears Canada As A Hat And Mexico As A Condom And The Middle East As A Toilet.

  • America Is... (By Me)

    A country founded on pure principals
    that are not always true
    but mostly are
    A country containing many different
    but alike
    A country of greed
    and charity
    A country of technology
    A country of tools
    A country of fools
    A country of millions
    with debt in the billions
    A Bully
    A Friend
    A country with a hand to Lend
    And a country that needs to Mend
    A country that is broken?
    A country that needs to be woken?
    Home of the Brave
    Land of the Free

    America is up to you,
    Not up to me;

    It all depends on what you see.

  • its just wonderful to see all these spoiled brats saying how terrible their own country is. now i definately admit that america has problems, but can you name a country that doesnt? yes our politicians are complete idiots but thats just politics people; its been that way forever and it doesnt show signs of changing.

    before saying how much America sucks, lets look at some positives:

    1. Almost every American home has electricity, a phone, a tv, a computer, etc.
    2. you can walk into a grocery store and see more food than a lot of people will ever see in a lifetime.
    3. you have access to education 100% free. its not their fault if you people dont want to do good in school.
    4. 95% of Americans are employed. hows that compared to the rest of the world?
    5. how about our emergency services? if your house catches fire, at least 3 firetrucks will show up in minutes and risk their lives to save your house. and should anyone be hurt, they take you a hospital to get quality medical care.
    6. do you like insulting the government? lucky youre not in a 3rd world country where they would either shoot you on sight or hang you from the nearest tree if they heard any criticism.
    7. lets take another look at 3rd world countries: are there any masked men walking down your street with AK47s prepared to shoot someone just for fun? how about the fact that the POOREST Americans are better off that most average citizens in Africa and Asia.
    8. can you name any terrorist attacks since 9/11? looks like all that horrible treatment of POWs paid off.
    9. whether the media wants to admit it or not, we have the most powerful military in the world and no other country can seriously contend with us
    10. so much more stuff ill never know about. there are people working 24/7 to keep us all safe from any and all threats.