• Someone which causes sexual arousal or masturbatory desire. A person can become, or stop being, a source at any given time. From Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • Source is an extremely flexible/powerful video game engine developed by Valve Software, and its primary use is for Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and many Half-Life mods. But other games such as Vampires - Masqeurade: Bloodlines uses the same engine. It took Valve over 5 years of solid programming to develop Source.

  • To buy. To find. To acquire. To get.
    Its current usage follows the modern fashion of using a noun as a verb.

  • A large, yet most desirable woman. She usually has an annoying voice and when her picture is taken her incredibly long tongue protrudes out of her gap toothed mouth.

  • Where something comes from. Commonly refers to source code, which is where applications come from.

  • Unnecessary change added to a good game.

  • Graphics and physics engine used in Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source

  • Source, meaning Source Code. What this web site is created with.

    Source Code is made up from Computer Languages - HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Java, CSS, WML, XML, C, C , VB etc.

    Source Code is needed for a web site to be crated. Writing Source is otherwise known as Programming, Scripting, Coding.

  • Something extremely uncool. It can also refer to something that is trying to hard to fit in.


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