• It is a derived from the idea of purchasing a soda at a restaurant and having unlimited ReFills to your hearts content.

    in terms of sex, a ReFill sometimes confused as a booty call, but instead is the close sister of a booty call

    A ReFill is having open sex access to ex-girlfriends or other girls whom youve taken their virginity from thus allowing them to be attached to you indefinately.

  • For people who suck at poker. When you lose all of your all-important internet money on a poker site, you can refill your online bank account to get you going again. You usually get 2 refills a day. Once they are gone, youll need a new poker account to get more play money. Refills are the last grasp of a poker no-one becoming a poker someone. Sadly, this does not apply in real life.

  • The act of shitting into a gaping asshole immediately following anal sex

  • When you see a fine girl walking by, you yell refill so that other guys stop and check her out.


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