• A Structurestem [TM] wherein the mental Healthstatform [TM] of an enlightened Droogworm [TM] is Judgementationalized [TM] by a Superior Enlightened Olympian [TM] in an effort to reestablish the subjects Personhood [TM], health, and happiness, as well as to Screwgouge {TM} said patient of all personal Liquidassets [TM] that may stand in his way of his attaining the desired state of Empty [TM].
    The father of Diarrhetics [TM] is Elron Hubbard, or Captain Love Log as he is lovingly referred by thousands of nubile, subservient Suckbunnies [TM], Hosemonsters [TM], and Minionsluts [TM] around the globe. A brilliant author, scientist, and scholar, Elron first gained fame in he 1920s as the boy author of the hugely successful and controversial Can I Touch It? books for children of his own age group.