• a gorgeous young lady who always receives compliments

  • A girl who is lovable and loves unconditionally. When she is hurt, she tries not to show it, and when shes down, she hides it behind a smile. The addition of a y instead of ie shows her individuality and refusal to conform to the normal ways of life. Exciting, creative, talented and beautiful both outside and in, Debbys are a shining example of a great friend.

  • Very Imaginative, wishes to travel the world.

    quiet and thoughtful, independent. Compassionate, peaceful,caring.

    friendly, first comes off as shy, but once you get her to talk, she finds her comfort zone.

    gentle, sensitive-may get hurt by the truth a lot.

    sociable-sometimes, not always wanting to talk. Mainly feels alone. Often needs hugs. Wants to feel wanted

  • Someone who is the epitome of Awesome.

  • Amazing woman, beautiful, graceful, intelligent, caring, understanding, helpful, powerful, loving and fair. Debby (original spelling has always been with a y) over the years the spelling has changed. Every Debby I have ever know has always been amazing, her best feature is her beauty inside and out, she is a God send. No one can compare to Debby.

  • Your bank card when used for direct payments (interac).


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