• to mainframe something; to with or without your own knowledge kill vital parts off your system

  • A mainframe is an ultra high-performance computer made for high-volume, processor-intensive computing. They are typically used by large businesses and for scientific purposes. You probably wont find a mainframe in any household. In the hierarchy of computers, mainframes are right below supercomputers, the most powerful computers in the world. (Which is why they are aptly named supercomputers.) Yet a mainframe can usually execute many programs simultaneously at a high speed, whereas supercomputers are designed for a single process. Currently, the largest manufacturers of mainframes are IBM and Unisys.

  • What stupid people think computers are made of.

  • Mainframe is IBMs registered trademark for their operating systems involving the origin of virtually everything on a normal PC. You name it, it was used for mainframe. They are bulky, huge, everything is mammoth size for mainframes. The movies depict truth in this respect only (about size, for eg Charlies Angels features a really big mainframe with high security). But mainframes although involved in number crunching like monsters, they dont have sportive GUI like windows as they show in movies

  • uber-technical term used by shyster versign when describing docking stations.

  • Uber 1337 Machinist faction in MxO


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