• The most beautiful, intelligent (usually suppressed), all around amazing girl one could ever come into contact with.
    The type of girl, which when one becomes separated from, cannot stop thinking about.
    Shes the kind of girl that one can only long for in a sense of accompaniment.
    For a girl by this name can and never will be gained, but only lost by the likes of the author.

  • Code name for a chick that takes more than 5 cocks at once

  • Term for a white girl with huge arse that looks like it should belong to a black girl.

  • To [shit] pure chocolate

  • One with the ability to pull whomever she wants, be it a girl, boy, even a famous sportsperson. Often found to have a large array of chat up lines, with her specialty being related to her ability to pole dance.

  • The meaning of Verity is truth

    An honest, bubbly, beautiful girl.

    Her eyes are hypnotising and she has a great sense of humour and you can talk to her about anything. She wont breathe a word about it or bitch. She is a great mate and very talented in many areas, including the bedroom.

  • verity is the kindest most amazing duck in the world,

    shell always be there for you if you need her no matter how complicated things get

  • Latin for truth. Every girl named Verity I have ever known have been the most beautiful, kind, trustworthy, cool chicks in the world. Especially in Australia

  • Originating from Australia, Verity is a word used to describe people who shits their pants while farting.


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