• the process of pulling the hood from someone elses sweatshirt over their heads.

  • Means faeces, jobby, poo,shit,crap. Used throughout Scotland.

  • When you attract a member of the opposite sex as a partner, who is clearly of a much higher standard. Similar to punching above your weight or batting above your average.

  • A person who live in Tolladine, Worcester, England. The girls wear their hair in a high pony tail right on the top of their heads. They will probably have a kid by the time they are 15 or have been pregnant. They walk around wiv their tracksuit blue addidas trousers, BIG gold earrings could be worn as a bracelet. and they will no doubtedly have a fag in their gob. The males will walk round like they have shit themselves, thinking they look big and hard but infact its really funny. They will walk round in gangs and hang around in the Bus station in Worcester. They dont have and education and dont go to school, they get out of bed about 12 and hang round town until 6, causing havoc.

  • Similar to a Dingleberry, but perhaps smaller


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