• One of the most beautiful women in the world. Caring, loving, compassionate, gorgeous, funny, and all around amazing. This girl can make the worst day in your life feel like a trip to Disney Land. Her hair tends to glow in the reflection of the sun and her eyes sparkle like the moon. If you ever find a Reina, hold on to her and never let go. It is said that all who do, regret it for the rest of their lives...

  • A Martini Goddess; one who drinks martinis and is a Godess

  • This girl is the queen NOT princess. look your name Laila, Jasmine, Leia, Ella, Ariel, Elsa. The usual boring names you can find on s plastic bracelet. With a name like Reina, you have to go to an actual jewelry store and pay actual money to have your name written on something. Anyway, a Reina is confident and chances are your called Renita sometimes cause your Puerto Rican. A Reina is beautiful and kind. Perfect. Savage. Confident. Guys would do anything for her. Mess with her and expect revenge with fake Instagram accounts. This princess was born a QUEEN.

  • An extrovert at times but hates to be alone. She can be really annoying at times but, she is mostly nice, although if someone is trash-talking her, she will get really mad. Really bubbly, athletic, funny and a loves to eat: but doesnt get fat.

  • A person who still lives in the past and still thinks about her ex

    Shes sometimes always depressed and trys to cut herself
    Sometimes often she doesnt pay attention to her friends mostly her bestfriends...
    When she talks to her friend this week and then the next week shell stop talking to that friend because shes still thinking bout her ex

    She only does that when its boys talking to her
    Deep inside she still thinks shes living in the past or present

  • a chicken.


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